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The Aftermath

So post Duathlon…well let’s just say that yesterday was a VERY long day. I woke around 3:50 and headed out around 4:45 to arrive at 5:45 and get my body marked and bike set up in transition. Parents and I walked around the lake and checked out where I’d be starting. The horn sounded and off we ran for the first 2.85 miles. It was easy and hilly. The 25 miles on the bike was dreadful. Like. I had no idea how fucking hilly that shit was going to be. Coupled with the fact that my bike seat was not high enough so I couldn’t gain leverage going up hills, I have short ass legs, I’m not conditioned to biking Litchfield hills, and I don’t own a fucking 4,000$ bike with an aerodynamic helmet. But yeah, bike was awful and took me much longer than expected. NO MILE MARKERS so I had no idea whether I was on mile 5 or mile 18. The roads were alright, but very craggly and the hills were just brutal. People had to walk their bikes up, it was bad. So, at this point I’m like FUCK ME I am not going to be able to finish this 6.2 mile run. But I got off the bike, tired as hell, drained my gatorade for like 5 gulps and headed out with my tired legs and portable water bottle.


THEY HAD JUST RUN DOWN A JAGGED, NARROW, LOG FILLED, ROCK FILLED TRAIL THE FIRST MILE AND THEN TAKE A SHARP FUCKING LEFT UPHILL. Not cool. My legs were jello. Around mile 2 I adjusted and kept consistent, rising pace with a girl my age. We kept passing one another. Around mile 5 I knew it was almost ending and I felt good. Mile 6 I had a shot of adrenaile and suddenly wasn’t tired anymore. I finished in 3 hours but was exhausted and sore. I feel accomplished but a tad disappointed. I want to do this distance again, but with much more biking practice. The runs were excellent, but the course and bike were not. So overall an 8/10 day. The weather was beautiful and we stopped for burgers and beer after! Then I napped…a looooong time. So yeah, duathlon? I shall see you again, in the future.


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So tomorrow is my duathlon…although I am somewhat nerved (which is quite normal), I have to say I’m super excited because I know that I can actually perform well. I have had a slight dullness in my right leg and have been kind of weary of that since two days ago. I may have overdone a little running. I’m anxious to get up early and have everything and just get there. I’ve never done a distance quite like this before,┬ábut I’m looking to run fast, hard and go long and hard on my bike. I just want to finish smiling and strong and I know I will feel amazing after it’s all over. I haven’t drank all week and was considering having a beer tonight to just calm my nerves but I think I’ll just indulge in pizza instead.

So yeah, basically just been relaxing and allowing my body to hang. I’m itching for a run, which is exactly what I want. I want my body primed and ready and itching to go tomorrow morning. I’m getting up at 4 to arrive at 6. The race begins at 7:30. I’m estimating it’ll take me til about 9:45-10:00 to complete. Maybe 25 minutes for the first leg, about 45 minutes for the second, and close to 50 for the third. Let’s hope I can shave some of that time though! Wish me luck!

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So, I’m competing in a duathlon in three days. My first one ever! I have done several sprint distance triathlons before, but never an Olympic duathlon. I opted out of the olympic style tri because I felt that I was not prepared for the swimming leg. First, I hate swimming and have never been a strong swimmer. I decided to take a safer and more challenging route. Challenging in the sense that in this event, I’ll be able to better challenge my speed and other competitors in sports that I am actually good at (running, biking) If I were to do the swim, I might actually get kicked in the face and drown. I thought about the whole gung ho attitude of “fuck it, face your fears” but I’m actually really frightened of swimming and open water. I’m a grounded person, not my thing. Also, I haven’t trained for it and I just don’t like being wet in a giant open lake with strangers. Yeah, sit on that for a moment.


Anyway, an olympic style duathlon is 2.85 run, 24.8 mile ride and a 6.2 mile run. I am ready to conquer and destroy. I haven’t biked in a while but I’m using that as a tool to have fresh legs coming out of the sub 3 miler. My biggest worry is transition, as always. However, unlike a triathlon, I will not have to worry about stepping into socks with wet feet after swimming a mile. (By the way, swimming a mile is FUCKING LONG) I can just hop onto my bike and go. I’m estimating the entire event will take me anywhere from 2 hours to 2:45 hours depending on my bike speed. I’m not concerned about the run. I know I’ll have it when I reach that 4 mile point on my last running leg. I’m excited! Actually, I’m not as nervous as I have been in previous races. Perhaps it’s because I know what I can put my body through and I’ve been getting stronger and more confident in both my endurance and lifting routines. One day I will compete in a full length triathlon, I know I will…but for now, a duathlon Olympic style will fair just fine. Wish me luck!