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New Beginnings

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So…I’m kind of stuck in a fitness rut. After completing the duathlon, I want to return to my normal routine of high intensity cardio and weight training. I can see that I’m losing muscle in my legs. They used to look strong and mighty and now they’re smaller. Maybe more lean? Regardless…I cannot wait to get back to the gym to lift. (Of course it doesn’t open until 11) But I can’t wait to be hitting lifting PR’s again and cleaning that bar. I cannot WAIT to deadlift and bench and do pull ups again. Ugh. My body is drained of cardio. I’m losing shape. I look leaner but I want that butt and legs back.


Author: Shelby Akers

I'm Shelby. I'm 22. I like running , biking, lifting heavy weights, good reads, making music, writing stories, drinking beer, drinking gin, drinking wine and good fucking coffee. Balance and moderation are the keys to life.

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