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So, I’m competing in a duathlon in three days. My first one ever! I have done several sprint distance triathlons before, but never an Olympic duathlon. I opted out of the olympic style tri because I felt that I was not prepared for the swimming leg. First, I hate swimming and have never been a strong swimmer. I decided to take a safer and more challenging route. Challenging in the sense that in this event, I’ll be able to better challenge my speed and other competitors in sports that I am actually good at (running, biking) If I were to do the swim, I might actually get kicked in the face and drown. I thought about the whole gung ho attitude of “fuck it, face your fears” but I’m actually really frightened of swimming and open water. I’m a grounded person, not my thing. Also, I haven’t trained for it and I just don’t like being wet in a giant open lake with strangers. Yeah, sit on that for a moment.


Anyway, an olympic style duathlon is 2.85 run, 24.8 mile ride and a 6.2 mile run. I am ready to conquer and destroy. I haven’t biked in a while but I’m using that as a tool to have fresh legs coming out of the sub 3 miler. My biggest worry is transition, as always. However, unlike a triathlon, I will not have to worry about stepping into socks with wet feet after swimming a mile. (By the way, swimming a mile is FUCKING LONG) I can just hop onto my bike and go. I’m estimating the entire event will take me anywhere from 2 hours to 2:45 hours depending on my bike speed. I’m not concerned about the run. I know I’ll have it when I reach that 4 mile point on my last running leg. I’m excited! Actually, I’m not as nervous as I have been in previous races. Perhaps it’s because I know what I can put my body through and I’ve been getting stronger and more confident in both my endurance and lifting routines. One day I will compete in a full length triathlon, I know I will…but for now, a duathlon Olympic style will fair just fine. Wish me luck!


Author: Shelby Akers

I'm Shelby. I'm 22. I like running , biking, lifting heavy weights, good reads, making music, writing stories, drinking beer, drinking gin, drinking wine and good fucking coffee. Balance and moderation are the keys to life.

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