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On more of a personal note


This is more a personal post, rather than something sarcastic, informative, opinionated or rant-based. So consider this a break from my normal posts and just enjoy.


I’ve been playing my guitar a lot more recently and it’s got me thinking….I could make some money doing this. I began playing guitar when I was maybe 10? 12? I’m self taught mostly, though I owe a great deal of my scale knowledge to a woman named Lin Belliveau. I mostly like chord progressions that mimic those of Indie artists. I’m not much into picking because I think that if you’re able to move somebody through three simple chords, that is much more impressive.

I’ve began learning a lot more covers of songs, but have strung together a few licks of my own. I want to try and maybe play at some cafes or something and make some extra cash on the side. I’ve never really told anybody this, but one of my biggest dreams is to sing in front of people. Anybody who will listen, really. It doesn’t have to be a stage, it could be a cafe or lounge. I just want to sing and play. I get such enjoyment from it. I am so glad I have rediscovered this instrument and its beauty.

I feel free when I’m playing and I love to improvise. That feeling of just having such power and grace and feeling connected to something that’s not alive. It kind of becomes you, honestly.

But seriously guys, I want to start to play out. I just have to get over my fear of playing in front of people. I need to step outside my comfort zone and go for it. I think I would a much happier person and feel better about my ability as a musician if I played in front of others. It would give me something to look forward to.



Author: Shelby Akers

I'm Shelby. I'm 22. I like running , biking, lifting heavy weights, good reads, making music, writing stories, drinking beer, drinking gin, drinking wine and good fucking coffee. Balance and moderation are the keys to life.

3 thoughts on “On more of a personal note

  1. Hey Shelby, thanks for keeping me posted through your blog. You have talent here. I am not saying this just because we are friends. Your posts are written in a fresh and honest language. You are very descriptive and that helps your readers picture your thoughts and images clearly. As of the guitar… I have no doubts your tunes are as good as your articles. Fortunately, there is a place where you can start gaining followers and ultimately meeting them to put together a band. The app is called SOUNDCLOUD. Just create an account for free, record your songs and then upload them from your PC or from your phone. I will be your first follower!


    • Thank you Mario! That’s so nice of you 🙂 Yes! I know the app! A lot of my friends who are musicians have created accounts on there and have gained a lot of followers! I shall maybe try it as well 🙂 How are things going with Latin Foodie?

  2. I wiil mail you copies as soon they are ready. Where to? Also, if you have something FOODIE you want to share with our readers, we can always find a spot on on Fall Edition in October.

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