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Veganism and its Hazards to Health


Okay, so..I haven’t done TOO much research on Vegans and Veganism in general. However, I’d like to take a moment to recognize this “trend” that has people sprinting for faux velvet interior car designs and soy milk in their cereals. First, a true vegan is one who is Environmentally Earth conscious, not just with what they consume. True Veganism is not owning or purchasing any products that contain traces of animals in your home or elsewhere. It is not supporting or wearing makeup or clothing that was made using the bones, skins and secretions of animals. Gross, but true. Today, vegan seems to have become this blanketing term, or trendy outlet for people looking to fit in. It has become a symbol, or rather, an emblem of the Hipster crowd (toms shoes, mismatched clothing and a particular soft spot for Animal rights.) Look, if you really truly support saving the animals and believe that the companies who DO use animal testing are in fact harming these creatures, then I will indeed consider your beliefs valid. But if you’re vegan Monday-Friday and once the weekend comes around strap on your leather pumps, sleek leather peacoat and indulge in a couple sushi rolls Saturday night in a poor attempt to soak up the vodka tonic,…sorry you are not vegan.

Secondly, along with the faux vegans comes the belief that consuming animal meats is somehow hazardous to our health. Well, you probably would not be here if not for animals, and there would be a lot more eating disorders had animal meats not been a staple of most international diets today. Also, eating plants is not the most appealing meal after you’ve ran 13 miles or lifted a shit ton of weight (yes, personal anecdote) and want something that will satiate you. In fact, I recently read a story about a woman who switched over from a lifelong attachment to Veganism to consuming read meat weekly. She lost 10 lbs and said she was no longer anemic. Beef, chicken, fish, these are all LEAN meats that will not only sustain you and support muscle growth and recovery, but they TASTE BETTER THAN CHUNKS OF TOFU. Also, lean meats will help your body burn fat and contain essential amino acids and nutrients necessary for vital health.

I mean, I understand vegetarians. But vegans? You are doing yourself an inconvenience in more than one way. Both your health and your wallet are suffering. Yes, veganism costs more because the products need to be specifically made without animal products. So, you’re willing to starve yourself in an effort to save an animal when most likely they themselves would eat you if they had the chance? You’re telling me that you refuse to eat an animal product because these animals are treated poorly…right….so not consuming milk because a cow is bieng milked for 10 hours a day is a damn good reason….

I understand vegetarians who are against animal cruelty and choose not to eat meats. But not somebody who will avoid a chocolate bar because it contains a by product of an animal that was probably so chemically altered that it does not retain any original form or anatomy of the animal anymore. Come on, be smart.


Eat everything in moderation.


Author: Shelby Akers

I'm Shelby. I'm 22. I like running , biking, lifting heavy weights, good reads, making music, writing stories, drinking beer, drinking gin, drinking wine and good fucking coffee. Balance and moderation are the keys to life.

7 thoughts on “Veganism and its Hazards to Health

  1. If you want to understand veganism you need to educate yourself first! I had practically the same beliefs as you do before I watched Gary Yourofsky’s speech on youtube. Your argument that the animal would eat us if given the chance is really weird. People are not eating lions…Cows are freaking herbivores lol. Some vegans are anemic because they undereat like most stupid people are doing. You can’t calorie restric on a vegan diet. Meat tastes good because you put plants on it!! Haha. Sauces, herbs, what do you think that is? We have no taste receptors for protein. The most appealing meal for all people is the meal we are used to. Carbs are a lot more satisfying than pure protein anyway…Big bowl of pasta or steak? The choice is obvious.

    • I understand where you’re coming from. However, this is just MY opinion. I’m fine if you want to be vegan for the right reasons, but I’m talking about people who are more “trendy” vegans. I guess I should have directed my argument towards that haha. I am anemic and I’m not a vegan. Also, I’d rather eat a nice juicy steak than a bowl of pasta. A lot of times those pastas can be loaded with unnecessary ingredients and to me personally, it’s just not as satisfying. Pasta is bland. Meat has all of the flavors you need. Your note about the meat tasting good because of the plants…yeah those plants are an accessory because they enhance the flavor of the meat. Also, try just pure raw fish some time. You’d be surprised at THAT flavor. No sauces or plants necessary.

      • Regardless, we all have opinions. I’m an omnivore and eat everything. This tirade spurred from a recent encounter with a person claiming to be a vegan but was really only doing it for show. I guess I got a little heated and just listed all the reasons why I don’t think it’s the best meal plan. Regardless, I respect your thoughts and thank you!

  2. Hello Shelby. This is definitely a hot topic. Not really because of the supposed benefits for your health, but mainly because of the relationships between humans and nature. As a big trend, we are looking forward to write about vegan spots in the area. I’ll keep you posted. I like your blog.

  3. I have seen many of these trendy eaters who have leather shoes. ugh.

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