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So, this is my first ever blog post. Well, I should say…blog post that I haven’t been required to submit for class or something of the like. A coworker of mine, perhaps a friendly acquaintance is the more appropriate term, encouraged me to start this blog. Admittedly, I’m new to this whole world and I’m not one to peruse blogs all day long. I’m not even certain I’m speaking to anybody. HONK if you’re reading! Anyway, I want to begin by saying, ahhhh. It feels good to sit down at a computer, gather my thoughts and write them down in a cohesive, albeit, revealing manner. I have not written anything like this for a long time, and I mean long. It’s been ages since. Seriously. My mind has felt like sludge under a bridge or something, the kind of moss that just clings to the rock and crumbles as the day persists. Yeah, that’s my head. So I figured writing would help clear that mossy fog and also offer some sort of outlet with my thoughts. It gets messy in there. A highway, if you will, jampacked with all sorts of road signs, wrong turns (lots of those), yield signs, slow downs, STOP, do not enter, under construction and the occasional falling rock sign. There are highways and backroads and railroad tracks and intersections that are sometimes warped into a never-ending path to chaos and anxiety. This blog is going to help me win over my anxiety. It is going to help you too. It will help me illustrate some of the more…intimate..shall we say…thoughts I have throughout the day, concerning both people and events. This blog will tell funny stories, that only I may find amusing. But that’s okay…because that’s all I want to do for the moment. Sit back, write, and let the music play.


Author: Shelby Akers

I'm Shelby. I'm 22. I like running , biking, lifting heavy weights, good reads, making music, writing stories, drinking beer, drinking gin, drinking wine and good fucking coffee. Balance and moderation are the keys to life.

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